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Welcome to Our Church

If you happen to live in the area of Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale/Dania Beach or you are traveling from the airport or the seaport looking for a Church to worship, please come and join us in one of our schedule services in either English, Spanish or (French October – April).

Parish Mission Statement

We are the Family of St. Maurice at Resurrection Parish joined together sacramentally in Jesus Christ, sharing our skills and abilities across the world to nourish all human hungers. We continually renew our energies by celebrating around the Table of the Lord and grow to be more effective ministers in the name of Jesus. Amen

St Maurice of the Resurrection Church Staff

PastorRev. Monsignor Jean Pierre e-mail:

Weekend Assistance – Father Sau Van Phung

Director of Religious Education Ashley Ronnan

Music MinistrySheryl Dillon-Jones

Looking Back

A tale of two churches becoming One

The history of Saint Maurice at Resurrection Church is a “tale of two churches”: St. Maurice Church and Resurrection Church.

St. Maurice Church was founded in 1970 when the Archdiocese of Miami decided to establish a new parish on donated land that was once Smith’s Stables. The interior of the original horse barn was converted into a church, but the exterior still retained the appearance of a stable. Thus the church became known as “The Church of the Stable.”

The church’s first pastor was Fr. David Russell, followed in 1976 by Fr. Sean Mulcahy who served the parish for twenty-two years. During Fr Mulcahy’s leadershiop he spearheaded the Hunger Program Ministry that still thrives today. In 1998, Fr. John Cinesi was appointed pastor until 2000, Fr. Roger Holoubek took the reins until his retirement in 2016, and Monsignor Jean Pierre became the current pastor.  St Maurice was also known for the preschool and day care center supporting the community.

On April 26th, 2014 St Maurice moved into the unique A framed church in Dania Beach, FL where we became the current church St Maurice at Resurrection Catholic Church.

The Church of the Resurrection of our Lord, on the other hand, was founded in 1958 and started with 450 families who in the absence of an actual church building, they celebrated mass at various locations. In 1961, Augustinian priests served the parish with Father John Vrana serving as the first pastor. Archbishop Coleman Carroll dedicated the parish’s distinctive A frame church building on Palm Sunday, 1963.

Dedicated pastors and parishioners over the years added the present rectory and the east transept of the church. Father Michael Hughes, OSA, spearheaded the addition of a gathering space, the west transept, and beautiful stained glass windows, which he had designed; the church building was rededicated in 1992.

When Father Anthony J. Tomasulo, OSA, succeeded Father Hughes in 1999, he added a Peace Garden, and formed an active St Vincent de Paul Society.

On October 1, 2009 The Church of the Resurrection of our Lord closed it’s doors and was merged with St Maurice